Premium Chassis Product Lines by Dorman Products

A quick look at Dorman Product’s best-in-class premium chassis opportunities available to the aftermarket. A quick description of our Premium XL, Premium RD and MAS product selection.



The Dorman Products Premium Chassis will consist of Premium XL™, Premium RD™ and MAS Select™


  • The only change is adding the Dorman logo in place of the MAS logo on the Premium XL and Premium RD packaging.
  • Full-line coverage of control arms will be available under the Premium XL™ brand and the Dorman OE Solutions brand.


Chassis parts and MAS Control Arms will ship from the MAS facility in Montreal, Canada.


  • The MAS numbering system will be used on Premium XL™, Premium RD™ and MAS Select™ chassis products.
  • The MAS product will not change.
  • Dorman OE Solutions control arms will keep the Dorman numbering system and continue to ship from Dorman distribution warehouses.

Please contact your Dorman Division Sales Director or local Dorman/MAS Salesperson for more information.


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