Two Guys GARAGE: Learn More About MAS Premium XL and Premium RD Chassis Parts

Watch the video to see how Two Guys Garage explain the benefits of MAS Premium XL and Premium RD Chassis parts for passenger cars and light trucks.


Your vehicle’s suspension components take a lot of abuse.  So it’s important to replace the original equipment with the right parts.


Ball and socket joint designs are either “greaseable” or “sealed”.  But how do you know which is design the right fit?  It really depends on how you use your truck.


First, let’s look at the metal on metal, or “greaseable” design.  This is proven technology for heavy duty and fleet applications.  The metal bearings require regular service to refresh the layer of grease between the ball and socket, to lubricate the parts and flush out contaminants.


Since this truck is used for hauling heavy loads, the guys are installing new Premium RD components from MAS (Pronounced MASS) Industries.  These parts are built for hard-working vehicles, with a larger ball for better weight distribution, and an integrated bearing for improved durability under heavy loads.


However, if your truck is a daily driver and you aren’t having it serviced as frequently, metal-on-metal suspension components may wear down and fail much sooner.  A better fit for normal-use vehicles is a “sealed” design…like these Premium XL replacements.  They’re made with the best ingredients possible including ArmourGrade studs and a low-friction polymer bearing that provides “fresh from the dealership” performance.  And since they’re lubricated for life with OE premium grease , they’re virtually maintenance-free.


Find your perfect fit from MAS Industries.

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