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You can now find MAS parts on, along with Dorman Premium Chassis parts and 130,000 more Aftermarket solutions.


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MAS is a leading-edge North American manufacturer of premium chassis parts and control arms that delivers OE+ parts to the automotive industry. We are first-to-market with full-line coverage for American, Asian and European vehicles supported by outstanding, innovative cataloging. We make premium parts that our customers can actually make money on.

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Every year we invest in R&D projects with the goal of making our premium parts even better than they were before. We begin with the most recent OE part designs, and build even further by applying our ACE standards. That is why MAS products deliver the superior quality and performance you expect, and we demand, from our premium components. When we develop MAS products, our engineers have only one goal in mind: to create automotive parts that outperform all others in durability, performance, and service life. We apply the design that is right for each part and each vehicle.

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